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Small Business Owners and Employees Corporate Packages

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  • Access to corporate products

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Health Insurance News

What do your executives need from their corporate health insurance?


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Does corporate health insurance improve staff retention?


Corporate health insurance is a serious consideration for current and future employees. As a result, it should be a consideration for your business too. Read more...

Insurance tip: Upgrade your cover well in advance of pregnancy


The Private Health Insurance Ombudsman has had a number of complaints about obstetrics claims: What do you need to do to make sure it doesn't happen to you? Read more...

Is plastic surgery covered by your health insurance?


Plastic surgery isn't always just cosmetic - and reconstructive surgery isn't always covered by your private health insurance. Are you protected? Read more...

Is it time to switch your insurance?


Are you feeling unhappy with your private health insurance policy? You might be considering switching your insurer, but is that the only option available? Read more...

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