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Corporate Health Insurance Plans

Business health plans

Health Insurance Consultants Australia is one of Australia's leading independent corporate health insurance consultancies. With over 30 years experience in development, implementation, ongoing monitoring and service for corporate health plans for employers of all sizes.

Many businesses choose to offer corporate health insurance plans to their staff, clients or members - and you'll find there are many different options to choose from.

As the job market becomes more competitive - due in part to a shrinking, ageing workforce - staff retention has never been more important.

Companies are looking to establish themselves as employers of choice in their sector to attract and retain the best talent - and incentives are a popular way to do this.

With health risks such as cancer, diabetes, obesity, heart disease and stress affecting Australians of all ages, employers may wish to consider offering an appropriate health insurance plan to their staff.

In addition to providing employees with greater peace of mind, this type of incentive often improves productivity in the workplace and results in enhanced staff loyalty at your firm.

Whether you are keen to offer an employer subsidised health insurance scheme or an unsubsidised business health plan, HICA can work with you to determine the cover options that best suit your specific requirements.

What are the options for business health plans?

When it comes to choosing the right business health plan, you have plenty of options to consider. There are a total of 35 registered health funds in Australia and each offers a huge range of choices.

Employers will need to take a number of factors into consideration - including the value of any subsidy they intend to provide and the resources that will be needed to implement, review and manage the corporate health insurance plan.

It is also important to take into account whether the cover will apply to all staff members or only those who meet selected criteria, as well as the level of support, service and care that will be offered by the business health insurance plan.

Smaller firms will have their own health insurance needs and are also likely to face cost issues, which could impact the type of cover they choose.

You will also want to think about which plans will be most appealing to your employees. For example, the advantages of employer-subsidised schemes - where the employer pays all or a portion of their staff's health insurance premiums - should be weighed up against the benefits of unsubsidised insurance plans.

With so many choices on the table, choosing the right business health insurance cover may seem overwhelming.

HICA's experienced team can help you develop a selection of corporate health insurance options for your staff to choose from, or we can consult with each of your employees to make a personal health insurance recommendation.

HICA can help you find the right health insurance plan

As Australia's leading independently-owned health insurance brokerage, HICA can help you find the perfect plan for you.

Whether you are looking for health insurance for your small business, expatriate employees or a range of other corporate health insurance products, we help you make an informed decision about which product or plan might be most suitable.

At HICA, we consider ourselves to be health insurance advocates - and our commitment to customer service is what sets us apart from other brokers. We have access to a large selection of corporate health insurance models for Australian employees and can help you co-ordinate a package.

Best of all, all of the products and health plans offered by HICA are supported by our professional team, who can be reached online or over the phone to provide information and assistance if you need it.

We have provided broking and consulting services in the corporate sector for more than 25 years. Our approach is outcome-focused and we are committed to helping you reduce HR workloads and keep on top of costs.

Contact HICA today for a free, no-obligation consultation and find out more about the various options available to you.


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