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Health Insurance for Australian Staff and Members

HICA's experienced team can develop a selection of appropriate health insurance options for members or employees of corporations, associations and small businesses. Alternatively, HICA can conduct individual health insurance assessments and provide a personal health cover recommendation for each of your employees or members.

HICA services include:

  •     Meeting with management to develop the project parameters and the organisation's corporate requirements.

  •     Development of a project plan and timeline.

  •     Obtaining relevant submissions from health funds.

  •     Evaluation and analysis of the products and services.

  •     Provision of written report and verbal presentation to management.

  •     Negotiations with the relevant funds to finalise the service details.

  •     Development and coordination of an implementation plan.

  •     Annual review of existing plans.


Regardless of the type of Corporate Health Insurance Plan you choose to introduce, as a HICA corporate client you will remain at "arms length" from all products and health funds. This will provide you with the flexibility to change underwriting insurers if necessary to ensure employees or members continue to receive competitive benefits and premiums on an ongoing basis.

Call HICA corporate services today on 1300 44 22 01 to discuss your requirements or complete and submit an online enquiry.