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Health Insurance for Expatriates

For the Management of any business responsible for the welfare of expatriate workers and their families in a foreign country, the possibility of a serious accident of illness must be considered and contingency plans put in place.

Priorities should be timely and appropriate emergency health care that may include medical evacuation to Australia.  A futher priority is managing the costs associated with the emergency health care (which may amount to many tens of thousands of dollars). And finally, the cost of replacing the injured employee to satisfy any contractual or delivery deadlines is a major consideration.

The solution to both the health care and the financial management issues is an appropriate Expatriate Medical Protection Plan available through HICA.

Expatriate policies may include the following:

  • Pre-departure health advice 

  • 24 hour emergency medical advice and assistance

  • Medically supervised evacuations

  • Personnel replacement

  • Medical and Hospital account guarantees

  • Proactive case management

  • Full claims assessment and settlement

Expatriate Medical Protection Plans available through HICA allow you to choose a cover that suits your needs for 1 to 50 employees... or more. HICA uses truly international covers for Expatriate Medical Protection options to ensure you have maximum flexibility.

Contact HICA corporate services today on 1300 44 22 01 (within Australia) or +61 3 9439 9888 (outside Australia) to discuss Expatriate Medical Plan options.