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Healthcare and Financial Service Providers

Health Insurance for Healthcare and Financial Service Providers

HICA can provide a range of services to Healthcare and Financial Service providers, and their clients. These services include our health insurance assessment service.

There are few things more frustrating than seeing clients compromise their health care treatment due to cost – or be forced to pay extra tax or surcharges because they failed to take out health insurance or chose an inappropriate cover.

That’s why we’re pleased to offer our no obligation health insurance assessment service to your clients free of cost.

How your clients can access HICA's free assessment service

HICA's free health insurance assessment service can be made available to your clients simply by providing them with an Assessment Form.

When your clients complete and return the Assessment Form to HICA, an experienced consultant will personally review their needs and forward to them full details of the health cover option(s) we recommend for their particular situation - selected from HICA's huge selection of policies from a range of health funds.

Our work in this area has shown that, with HICA’s assistance, most people can improve their situation by:

  • reducing the cost of their cover without reducing their benefits, or

  • increasing their cover/reducing their exposure to risk for a similar level of premiums.

In fact, over the last decade, HICA has helped tens of thousands of Australians to secure value for money health insurance suited to their particular needs.
Order Assessment Forms Now

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  • Download and print an order form (pdf) to fax or post to HICA

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