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Why Have Health Insurance

Avoiding public hospital waiting lists, saving on tax, having your choice of doctor - these are just some of the reasons why Australians take out health insurance.

Avoid the public waiting lists for elective surgery

Many medical conditions are subject to Public Hospital waiting lists, and can leave patients suffering from discomfort and anxiety. Appropriate health insurance allows you to seek treatment in Private hospitals.

Increased choice and control of your treatment

Private health insurance generally allows you to choose;

  • the time of surgery,

  • your doctor, and

  • the hospital (subject to availability).

Financial incentives

The Federal Government has introduced a number of incentives to promote participation in private health insurance.

  • The Federal Government pays a percentage of your health insurance premiums depending on your income and age. 

  • Appropriate hospital insurance can provide tax relief by enabling higher income earners to avoid the Medicare Levy Surcharge - an extra tax of 1-1.5% of gross income.

  • Taking an eligible hospital cover before turning 31 years of age can avoid the Federal Governments Lifetime Health Cover surcharge imposed on people who join hospital cover when they are over the age of 31.

Read more about the Government Incentives for Private Health Insurance.

Additional benefits

Many health insurance policies cover ambulance costs (limits apply) or provide a refund of approved ambulance service subscriptions.

Health insurance is not only for when you need to go to hospital; it can also assist you with costs when you require other health care services including dental, physiotherapy, chiropractic and osteopathy consultations, podiatry, acupuncture, myotherapy, optical and other paramedical treatments.