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December 2009 News

23/12/2009 - 1:35pm

Australian employers are facing serious challenges trying to attract and retain workers in an era of a shrinking and  ageing workforce. Many of these employers are meeting this challenge with a range of workplace strategies to enable  them to claim “employer of choice” in their particular sector. Another emerging challenge is that the workforce is facing major health risks. Heart disease, obesity, diabetes, cancer and stress are issues that no employer can afford to ignore.

23/12/2009 - 1:19pm

From 14 September 2009, under visa Condition 8501, all new Subclass 457 visa holders are responsible for all health costs for themselves and their family. They will be required by law to maintain adequate insurance for these health costs for the length of their visa. Applicants for Subclass 457 visas will need to provide evidence that they have obtained adequate insurance before their visa can be granted.