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March 2012 News

30/03/2012 - 5:34pm

With the start of the new month just around the corner, Australian private health insurance policyholders are reminded that their costs are about to rise.

An average premium increase of 5.06 per cent was approved by the federal health minister Tanya Plibersek on February 28 - the lowest rise in four years.

30/03/2012 - 3:18pm

The federal health minister Tanya Plibersek has confirmed that a Medicare rebate will be made available to general practitioners utilising Australia's new e-health records as part of a consultation.

Speaking at the Health E-Nation Conference on March 28, Ms Plibersek explained that three time-based levels of support will be offered to GPs, ranging from $35.60 to $101.55.

30/03/2012 - 2:42pm

A new Australian study has revealed that sitting at a desk - or even in front of the television - for extended periods of time may be impacting on our health and wellbeing.

Results of a survey conducted by the University of Sydney - recently published in the Archives of Internal Medicine - concluded that too much time sitting has an effect on lifespan, regardless of your fitness level.

The three-year study found that respondents over the age of 45 who were sedentary for at least 11 hours a day had a 40 per cent increased risk of dying during the study.

29/03/2012 - 3:41pm

The federal government is encouraging Australians to address the level of sodium in their current diet as part of World Salt Awareness Week.

Australian adults should limit their intake of salt to no more than 6 grams - or one and a half teaspoons - a day, according to the National Health and Medical Research Council.

However, parliamentary secretary for health and ageing Catherine King believes that Australians consume too much sodium - primarily in the form of salt.

29/03/2012 - 1:40pm

New research into chronic disease has revealed that most Australians have at least one preventable risk factor.

A report released by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) on March 27 has indicated that diet and exercise are two of the most common risk factors.

According to the national agency, over 90 per cent of Australians are failing to consume the recommended amount of vegetables each day - and only half of adults consume enough fruit.

28/03/2012 - 4:34pm

The number of medical practitioners in Australia has seen a dramatic rise in the last four years, according to new data from the federal government.

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) released its latest Medical Workforce report on March 26, indicating that between 2006 and 2010 the staff numbers in the health sector rose by 13 per cent to 81,639.

Across Australia, more than 90 per cent of the medical workforce was clinicians - of whom 36 per cent were specialists and a further 35 per cent were general practitioners.   

27/03/2012 - 5:11pm

An iconic Sydney hospital catering to patients with private health insurance has launched a new health service for young people dealing with depression and other mental illnesses.

St Vincent's Hospital has opened the door to its Young Adult Mental Health Service unit today (March 27), providing the first private early intervention in-patient facility in Australia.

The new unit features a 20 in-patient bed service for those aged between 16 and 30, as well as extensive day program and after-care treatment.

26/03/2012 - 3:32pm

Almost one in four Australians believes that a strong private hospitals sector is essential to the success of the country's health care system according to a new study - however many are still unsure about how private hospitals operate.

Commissioned by the Australian Private Hospitals Association (APHA), the data indicated that 42 per cent of young Australians - aged between 18 and 24 - lacked the knowledge of what types of services were provided by hospitals catering to those with private health insurance.

26/03/2012 - 2:26pm

The Australian Private Hospitals Association (APHA) has launched its annual week of recognition for health facilities servicing those with private health insurance.

Today (March 26) marks the start of Private Hospitals Week - an event that aims to educate the community on the importance of private hospitals and the range of services they offer.

This year is the largest in the event's history, with more than 180 hospitals across the country participating.

23/03/2012 - 5:11pm

The partner of a leading Australian businessman is urging men across the country to change how they view visits to their local doctor.

Patricia Ilhan - widow of Crazy John mobile phone entrepreneur John Ilhan - has spoken about her experience, explaining that her husband, aged 42, died while jogging in 2007.

"I think if John had had paid more attention to his health, he would still be alive today," she told the Sydney Morning Herald yesterday (March 22).