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Dandenong's mental health services redevelopment

26 September 2013 - 4:52pm

Dandenong's mental health services and facilities have just welcomed 70 new beds, which should make accessing care a whole lot easier for people in the area.

The beds were revealed by Minister for Mental Health, Mary Woolridge, on September 26.

They are just one part of a massive redevelopment project that has been delivered in two stages throughout Dandenong, Casey and Cardinia.

In 2011, the first stage of this project was completed and a new 'Adult Acute' facility, complete with 50 new beds, was opened.

Today, 20 'Aged Acute' beds, 50 'Secure Extended Care' beds and new administration, training and research facilities were officially opened, signifying the completion of the project's second stage.

Ms Woolridge is said these additions will considerably improve "the capacity and quality of mental health facilities and services in the area".

She also praised the "open spaces filled with natural light and the courtyard areas" that have been constructed at Dandenong Hospital, which will give patients the opportunity to spend time in the great outdoors and socialise.

In addition to this, she drew attention to the flexibility of the units that have been constructed, and was particularly in awe of how they could be "adapted to support the specific safety needs of women".

The facilities have gender-specific wings, locks on bedroom doors and other features that will make women receiving treatment there feel more secure.

Victoria is already home to a large number of mental health services, and this redevelopment will assist them in serving people who are most in need in the state.

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