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Do your overseas workers have everything they need to get 457 visa approval?

25 November 2016 - 1:02pm

When you're trying to employ the top talent in your industry from overseas, you need to ensure you have everything in order. This is not just applicable on the business end, but also to the employee that you are attempting to bring into Australia.

If this person does not have sufficient 457 visa health insurance, their application for the visa itself might be turned down. According to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), there were 53,930 of these 457 visa applications lodged for the 2015-16 financial year, and only 45,400 granted. Competition to hire the best possible people from around the world is high, and the top candidates can be rejected if you do not have everything in order for them.

Hiring the top talent is made a lot easier with a great corporate health insurance plan.Hiring the top talent is easier with a great corporate health insurance plan.

What your business must do to hire a 457 visa applicant

In order to help someone with overseas workers visa registration, your business must be unable to find a suitable Australian candidate for the same role. There are skilled workers in the country, so finding a local employee might be a better prospect. However, if you cannot, 457 visa employees are great options. Your business must be registered as a standard business sponsor before it is allowed to nominate an occupation, states IMAN. Nominating an occupation means starting your search for someone to fill a position within your company.

Applicants for the 457 visa must have a minimum level of health insurance, as stated by the Private Health Insurance Ombudsman The individual must provide Immigration with proof from their health insurer before entering the country. Finding corporate health insurance to suit your potential employees can be done in conjunction with the professionals at HICA.

DIBP also states that the 457 visa is only active for four years, after which the person must apply for permanent residency in order to stay in the country, and in your employ.

After the four-year term of the 457 visa, your employee will need to apply for permanent residency to continue in your employ.After the four-year term of the 457 visa, your employee will need to apply for permanent residency to continue in your employ.

Making your business more attractive

To make your business stand out from others in your industry all trying to employ the same individuals, you need to understand the nuances of 457 health insurance.

A Willis report on Overseas Visitors Health Cover states that the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) minimum level of cover is $1 million per annum, including maternity benefits. Individuals holding a 457 visa must also pay the Medicare levy surcharge, which is $442.92 per year for an individual, and $897.84 for a couple or family.

If your business plans on bringing in the top talent, helping prospective employees with these factors and the necessary information is crucial. To get the right corporate health insurance plan in place for your 457 visa employees, make sure you get in touch with HICA.