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Employee health the key to workplace wellness

27 September 2013 - 4:53pm
Written by: 
Jethro Still

Employers believe workers' health is the key to achieving wellness in the workplace, according to the 2013 Global Workplace Health and Wellness Report released by Global Corporate Challenge (GCC).

Health was identified as the number one wellness factor by 69 per cent of the 378 organisations that were surveyed for the report. Secondary factors chosen were increased productivity and reduced absenteeism.

Peace of mind and wellness can be obtained in these areas by investing in business health insurance, as shown in research from the Institute for Healthcare Research and Policy at Georgetown University (GU).

The GU study named 'Employers' Benefits from Workers' Health Insurance' revealed that workers that do not have access to business funded insurance avoid spending on healthcare. This can result in minor illnesses and injuries going untreated and potentially becoming worse, to the point it interferes with work.

Employers often consider business sponsored health insurance as an investment towards workplace wellness. The benefit is easily identified in the comparison of productivity loss between a worker taking a half-day absent for a doctors appointment compared to a week or more of absence to recover from a serious illness.

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