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Implementing a corporate health plan in the workplace

24 January 2013 - 11:33am
Written by: 
Jethro Still

Get the year off to a great start for your company and employees by choosing to get set up with a corporate health insurance plan.

You can establish your company as one that cares greatly for their employees, with staff retention becoming increasingly important as the job market becomes more competitive.

A business health insurance plan could not only help with retention, but also attracting new employees by offering this health incentive.

Business health plans assist in ensuring that employees get the appropriate medical treatment and care - a welcome gesture for many working Australians who may be dealing with diabetes, heart disease, stress and obesity.

A corporate health plan can also improve productivity in the workplace and enhance staff loyalty, bringing positive change to the company.

You can help your staff to get their health and wellbeing New Year's resolutions off to a fantastic start, by employing this initiative in your company now.

Your health consultant can help you to find the best suited plan for your company - be it a small business or a large firm - they will provide assistance so you can make an informed decision.