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My employees are leaving the country for work: Do they need health insurance?

8 June 2017 - 4:54pm

If your business is sending employees overseas to work for extended periods, expatriate health insurance is absolutely essential. What are the risks of not being insured? And what does expatriate health insurance look like?

Why is expatriate health insurance so essential?

If you can't afford expatriate health insurance, you can't afford to send employees overseas. But why is insurance so essential when traveling for work? Mainly because of the massive costs involved in treating health problems in a country where you're not covered by the government's free healthcare like you may be here in Australia. Treatment costs for simple health problems can balloon quickly creating a massive financial burden. 

Are your overseas employees fully covered with expatriate health insurance?Are your overseas employees fully covered with expatriate health insurance?

In fact, a simple broken leg in the USA can set you back as much as $33,565 USD if surgery is required, costhelper estimates. That's close to $47,000 AUD. If you're somewhere more remote and you contract an illness your outlook could be even worse - a long domestic flight with medical support could cost as much as $69,000 AUD. Even a short stay in hospital for something like food poisoning could cost you thousands. 

These costs will be more or less depending on where in the world you're working but no matter where you are Australian expatriate health insurance can help reduce them. 

What does expatriate insurance cover? 

As a general guide, your expat health insurance arranged through HICA Insurance Brokers may include the following and more:  

  • 24 hour emergency medical advice and assistance
  • Medical evacuation
  • Covering the cost of replacing personnel
  • Medical and hospital account guarantees
  • Full claims management and oversight

When you secure cover with an insurance broker you gain access to their expertise and experience. That means you'll have our expert guidance through every stage of the insurance process, from picking the right cover to claiming if anything were to happen.

If your employees are travelling for work expatriate health insurance is a must. If your employees are traveling for work expatriate health insurance is a must.

Make an informed decision

The health and wellbeing of your employees and your legal liability aren't things that you should take lightly. That's why you should get in touch with the team here at HICA to make sure you're covering all your bases and that your employees are well looked after at minimal cost when abroad. 

That way you can continue to operate overseas and export employees safe in the knowledge that they're fully insured in the event that the unexpected occurs. 

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