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One week to go... Have you reviewed your health insurance policy yet?

25 March 2013 - 3:31pm
Written by: 
Jethro Still

If you've left reviewing your health insurance policy on the backburner, then now is the time to act, with the average premium increase of 5.6 per cent set to begin from next Monday (April 1).

Taking action to review your current plan could help to save you money, regardless of whether you have individual cover, family health insurance or a corporate health plan for your workplace.

You may find that you have private health cover extras that you no longer require, or that you may be able to pick up a better deal by swapping some policies out.

One way to help you find a plan that is suited to both your health and financial needs is to compare health insurance policies.

This helps you to determine which fund makes the best Australian health insurance offer for you and your family.

Health cover holds a number of benefits for individuals, families and workplaces, with health insurance helping to ensure your family members and employees get the appropriate medical treatment and care, and also providing an extra boost in the workplace.

Business health insurance may help to improve staff retention, absences and work productivity.

HICA can help you with a private health insurance comparison so that you can make savings on your policy, yet still receive the same quality of care.