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Organ donation reforms in NSW

25 October 2012 - 1:04pm
Written by: 
Edward Brewer

Around 1600 people sit on the Australian organ transplant waiting lists, where on average people can wait anywhere between six months and four years.

Australia is said to be a 'world leader for successful transplant outcomes' by DonateLife, but is said to have the lowest donation rates in the developed world.

Minister for health and minister for medical research Jillian Skinner announced yesterday (October 24) that changes aimed at doubling the rates of organ donation in NSW have been 'signed into law'.

"The Human Tissue Legislation Amendment Bill puts patients first by considering their wishes regarding organ donation. It encourages community conversation about the donation of organs and as a result aims to double rates in this state," Mrs Skinner said.

"As the Minister for Health, I am committed to ensuring positive and practical steps are taken to increase our state’s organ donation rate."

To combat the low rates of organ donation in the state, the Increasing Organ Donation in NSW: Government Plan 2012 was announced and published on August 7.

"This plan will see the transfer of existing donors from the state Roads and Maritime Services organ donor register to the national Australian Organ Donor Register run by Medicare,"  Mrs Skinner said.

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