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Visa Subclass 457 - Health Insurance Requirements

24 September 2013 - 4:28pm
Written by: 
Suzanne Still

Visitors to Australia who apply for the 457 visa are required to arrange an adequate level of health insurance in order for their visa to be considered.

Those in possession of 457 visas are responsible for all health costs they and their families incur in Australia. However, employment sponsors can cover the cost of health insurance for visitors. This is usually arranged as part of the recruitment contract and can be achieved by including the visa holder under a comprehensive company insurance policy.

Evidence of insurance can be submitted in the form of a letter or certificate from an insurance company or broker. A letter from the visa holder's employer is also acceptable if the cover provided is through a company policy.

The insurance cover must be maintained for the entire duration of the stay in Australia. If suitable health insurance is not maintained throughout the intended stay in Australia, the visa may be cancelled.

All family joining the visa holder must also be covered, even those applying separately from the main 457 visa holder.

There are many insurance providers who have relevant private health insurance coverage available for visitors to Australia.

With such a vast range of products, 457 visa holders are encouraged to speak with HICA about which product is most suitable to their situation and get a health insurance comparison.